Character Design


Better images will be taken tomorrow, when the sun is back out. Apologies for the dark images for now! This is my little character. She is a happy go lucky kind of squirrel, who is dainty and soft, but you know she might beat you up if you try to litter on her patch. Little details like the necklace and the coat indicate that she might be a collector or scavenger, and her rounded face gives her an approachable, goody kind of look. I gave her very prominent eyebrows so that exaggerating emotion would be easier.  DSC_3498The character turnaround-The side view could do with some work, but otherwise I am happy! Unfortunately I do prefer her design in the early sketches, but hey ho.

DSC_3495.JPGIn the sketch above, I am trying to show a bit of overlapping motion. As her hips move to the right, her coat and ears swoosh to the left. I am also using this drawing as a way to capture exaggeration in the face. I chose to use overlapping motion as I think it is one of the most dynamic of the 12 principles. I’m actually really happy with how this sketch turned out!

DSC_3496I tried to be a lot more free with my drawings for this exercise, instead of keeping them really refined. So if you think the drawing above looks extremely rough and ready…it was meant to be. Here I am attempting to show the use of arcs in motion. I used the nose as the point that follows the arc, with everything else following after it, and I actually think it works really well! I chose to show this principle as I find myself using it most when animating in maya, and thought it would be interesting to try in 2D!

DSC_3499Here I am attempting to show ‘Anticipation’. The idea was that she is preparing to creep along…but need up looking more like she had been pushed backwards..OOPS. But I suppose you could use that as showing ‘Follow Through’. I think the facial expression was probably what caused that problem!


Life Drawing-Reflection

(Photos of my work will follow, they were removed from the classroom the other day and I have yet to find them.)

Life drawing this semester has been up and down for me. Due to a lot of life commitments outside uni, and the pressure of keeping the animation project going, I was finding it harder and harder to find the time to practice and grow. However, one thing I really enjoyed with this semester was being given more freedom to use my imagination, especially in class. I particularly enjoyed the exercise where we had to transform Robert and a cardboard box into a new character. To me, this has always been an easier way of drawing. I actually found that class extremely helpful for the last assignment as well, as it meant I was able to take human poses and apply them to my character.

I can slowly see my use of form growing over time, and definitely think that I have begun to really understand exaggeration and gesture drawing (maybe a little too much at times). Using exaggeration makes drawing so much more fun to me, and also gives your drawings a real sense of movement and life, as if they are about to spring from the page. Another thing I found to be very interesting were the homeworks on drawing the hands and feet. I used Burne Hogarth as my reference when drawing the legs, and ever since have seen an improvement even in my quick 2 minute sketches of the calfs and feet.

DSC_3484DSC_3485DSC_3486DSC_3489Personally I can see my drawings becoming a lot more confident the more I go to life drawing. I used to use very timid strokes, whereas now I feel more free to experiment.

My character design is of a little squirrel. I chose this just because I thought the bright eyes and bushy tail would be appealing to an audience. I decided to go for an oval kind of shape for the head, to make her look very innocent and shy; with big ears and eyes to make her look a goofy and loveable. The ears also function very well to show exaggeration of poses, as well as the tail. Having softer elements to the character allow for different weights which can travel at different speeds with motion, creating a more interesting look than one solid block. It is for this reason that I also chose to give my character a coat.

The character is roughly three heads tall, and is rounded and weighty towards the hips. I chose this because I always find it easier to draw models that carry their weight lower to the ground. I also thought that the skinny legs and big feet would be a great way to exaggerate motion.



Semester Two-Some Doodles

I thought I would get some practice drawing faces quickly from reference, and I was pretty happy with the results. I particularly like the second drawing for its more confident lines and shadow. If I have time I might add some more colour and shadow, but for now the line art will do! Each took about 20 minutes.fullsizeoutput_fa9fullsizeoutput_faaI have been experimenting with a style used by Lucinda Rogers, using a combination of thick and thin lines to portray weight an depth. I hope once I’m more confident with it, it will help me in life drawing to capture form more easily. I think it worked really well in the nose of the afro girl, and gives it a nice depth against the face. Unfortunately, my own style is quite tentative, and I would like it to look more instinctive like Lucinda Rogers’ work. I think I just need to be less afraid to fail, and more open to trying new materials. Shall I crack out the markers? (2017). Lucinda Rogers – New York – 14th Street subway booth. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Feb. 2017].