Presentation-The Writers Journey

For my presentation I am in a group with Clare McKinney, Clare McMurray, Beata and Dearbhail. We have ‘The Ordeal’ as our section of the book.

The idea of presentations doesn’t worry me as much as it used to, especially when you begin to think of it simply as teaching other people as opposed to getting your bit said as quickly and bump free as possible. It isn’t all about getting every word said in a lovely way, but getting your point across in an understandable way.

Tuesday Night-Chapters read, notes made…many, many notes. I instantly found the book really interesting, if a little repetitive at times and was excited to learn more about it’s influences. Unfortunately I doubt I will ever be able to watch a movie without considering when each chapter applies again…Thanks guys.


All my main notes can be found in my notebook^

By the time Thursday came around, everyone had a good understanding of our chapter and it’s background. We began the process of breaking down the chapter into smaller more manageable pieces, which would be easily understandable for the audience. Clare and I also chatted about having a back and forward between the two of us, as our topics are so interconnected. I think this worked really well in the presentation, showing that we can bounce ideas off each other well. Eventually we came up with our plan-

Clare McMurray-

Clare is introducing with the placement of an ordeal and it’s effect on the story/audience with some examples.


I explain the Narrative purpose of the Ordeal. The effect of the heroes ‘Shadow’ and different ways of achieving an ordeal will be discussed ie. All the different types of death or tension that are usually created, with a few examples and how effective they are. I talk about ‘The Sacred Marriage’ and balancing of inner forces due to extreme emotional tension. Finally, I explain the projecting of a shadow upon the Villain, a process called Demonisation.

Clare McKinney-

Then explains why these are effective in manipulating the emotions of the audience, and how different perspectives and witnesses can alter this.


Explains the aftermath, the bravado and the fact that the hero rejoices with the audience/how this translates to modern film. This too has an effect on the audience, the ordeal prepares the hero for the final act, for their journey home.


Explains the effects on the hero, and its rewards has his ego been boosted or humbled, has he learnt a key piece of information or seized the essential thing that he needs to move on and finish what he has started. She talks about how the ordeal can in fact turn the hero into a villain depending on the point of view

We had initially planned on illustrating some of our slides, I had a very very rough doodle done on a break from reading that I decided to add in.