Putting it all together…

Below is a collection of the modelling work done by myself and the team.

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Using our gathered statistics and images as reference, we jumped straight into modelling-which we wanted to be the main focus of the project. I am particularly proud that for the whole project we worked so well as a team, meaning that some tasks cannot be exactly assigned to one person. Instead, each thing is almost a combination of all the things we taught each other.

We began by plotting out the rough shape of our island, which we would eventually have floating in water. Yazz did a fab job modelling the island, and we began to fit our houses into the cliff face, building them on top of each other to give it a dynamic effect. Of course, our very own Christ the Redeemer was placed at the top,  with his back towards the slum side (our own little implicit meaning).

I have to say, the process of fitting the buildings neatly into the cliff face, while the Mac kept deciding to freeze and lag-then colouring the buildings-then adding details-was a very laborious one. But with amazing teamwork, a very….very late night and much hard work, we managed to get it to all fit together! The only thing that we didn’t have time to do was render and animate our island, which is a shame. However at another time, I think we will go back and re render it out. I am so pleased with what we managed to do considering all the bumps along the way, and especially as a team of three!


VIDEO TO COME-The video was edited together as a group, and I made the motion graphics as I had experience using after effects.



Modelling the Slums

I began the process by modelling a bike to add into our scenes, after I read that bikes are the main for of transport in the slums of Rio.

I am really happy with the end result of the bike, as it had proved a bit more tricky than expected. I found a nice leather texture for the seat of the bike, which I think added a nice touch of detail. If I had more time, I would have liked to model the tyre treads a bit, as at the moment they are just plain…and I would also like to add the chain.


I then moved on to modelling other little details that could be scattered around the slum, slowing the peoples use of castaways and rubbish. I wanted to create fewer items, but each one being well modelled with a bit more detail than if I tried to create loads of items. I am particularly happy with the bucket, having used the curves tool to create the handle-something I hadn’t done before. I also learnt how to bend the planks of the bucket round in a circle from a straight line.

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Next I modelled a simple slum house, fit with canopy, curtains, drains, bin bags, clutter, and metal sign cladding. I also played about with UV mapping of the roof and planks to create a nice texture.

Our plan was to build as many buildings as possible into a rocky cliff face, so having loads of simple buildings that are customisable was really handy. Therefore I also created a collection of simple filler houses that can be stacked and textured.


Finally, we had to create Christ the Redeemer to sit atop our mountain. I modelled the body, while Yazz cracked on with his head.