18.10.16- Feedback and New Groups!

18.10.16- ‘Preciousness is the death of good ideas’-Conánn. Brilliant.                                                             

…Slightly different from his other old proverb ‘There is no ‘I’ in Team, but there is an ‘I’ in the’ A Hole’.’


In the morning my faabulous ‘Bermuda’ group and myself gave our mini presentation along with everyone else, before being cruelly ripped apart and reassigned to other groups. Our feedback was very positive. I think it was clear in our work that we had worked really well as a team, and had put a whole pile of time and thought into our creation. I absolutely loved working with my little team on this project and was sad to see them go. BUT, I got ‘world in a space nut’. Hence, PLANT PEOPLE. Score. After working on a world with rather mechanical, logical thinking for two weeks, it is really nice to be in a more organic, leafy setting.

On my new team are Beata, Siobhan and Claire. At first, the new additions to the group were quite confused as to how the world itself looked and felt. I felt so sorry for Siobhan, having to explain everything isn’t easy, but she did a great job! Despite having gorgeous and beautifully developed characters, it seemed that there wasn’t that much to base our concept sketches off. This is no bad thing however, as we had an almost free reign to design a world that we loved! This week is all about composition and tone, so we really wanted to focus on getting the story and aesthetic of the world sorted early on to give us a well grounded starting place to imagine. In our group chat we asked loads of questions and discussed ideas, and eventually came up with a solid-ish idea!

To begin, we were given the initial groups idea that the world itself was a nut which travels in a slingshotting motion towards a sun. As the nut soared closer to the sun, it begins to open up to feed the people within the sunlight they need to survive. There were characters designed which would aid in opening up the nut when the time came to absorb the sun’s energy. The first main question that I had was what distinguished the living plant people from the non sentient plants around them, as the team had spoken about the characters farming crops etc.  Eventually after lots of discussion, we decided that the people on our planet have evolved to look like plants themselves as a sort of camouflage towards any predators who appear near the planet, but are not originally of plant origin.

We talked about drawing the cycle of the world going around the sun at its different stages. The nut shell is closed when it is furthest from the sun, inside they store the light that was collected in their last rotation. The shell starts to open as it gets closer-at this stage the people are running out of sunlight and are desperate to collect more. When the nut gets close enough to the sun, it opens up and fills up with light once more. (NB: We talked about the danger of the sun being to hot for the plants.. so we said that either the shell could start its cycle again by closing giving a little bit of a protection, but also the protection of the pollen from the bee world* could be used as a sort of ozone/ force field).

*The bees are the audience of the world. They are observing this world as we would observe the moon. They are locked in the same rotation of the sun, drawn together by invisible forces. The two worlds are symbiotic in nature, the pollen cloud cast off from the bee world protects the nutshell, and the nectar from the plants feeds the bees.

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The last section of this video was a great help to me in discovering some of the basic techniques of setting up a scene and balancing it compositionally. I love the variety of brushes he uses to create texture and depth, while working quickly enough to convey a complex idea in a short period of time. His use of contrast is beautiful, something I hope to capture in my own work.

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Although I was away in England visiting my partner this week, I hope that I contributed to my team by offering lots of questions and ideas to the group chat, as well as linking some helpful videos that I thought they might like. In time I will update this post with some work when I manage to catch up with the work. Thanks for your patience with me being away, guys!


To set a goal for what our landscapes would look like in and out of sunlight, the group decided to plan out what kind of architecture our world would have. We really liked the idea of making everything very organic looking, so when we suggested having structures that collect sunlight, Beata had a great idea to have dandelion puff-like structures, with the light held in the middle. This reminded me of an old photo I had from school of a dried allium head. I thought these dried or seed-like structures would blend in really nicely with our characters as either shelter, or as farming/agricultural tools.