I had hoped that as a team, we would have had more ideas thrown into the mix, however with time moving on and no new ideas, Clare and I decided to push on with the fan idea!

On Tuesday, Myself, Beata and Clare McKinney came together to create a template for the fan, and to decide the best way to put the whole thing together! We drew up a template and decided on the layout of the family over the sections.

  • In the centre of the fan, in the largest segment, will be the Mother and Father. They connect the family together, and in a way, look down on their children (referencing the Bar Scene, where the men cry over their disappointing children).
  • To their right, will be Kyoko, their youngest and closest daughter. She will be represented by positive, youthful and homely images, with colours tied to those of the parents as she cares for them and lives with them in their family home.
  • To her right will be Keizo, their youngest son. He is very detached from the family, and is the only one who is too late to say goodbye to his mother.
  • To the parents left will be Shige, their eldest daughter. She is a sneaky, bold and selfish character, who hands her parents off on others whenever she can.
  • To her left will be Koichi, the eldest son. He is a doctor, with a strong professional personality.


  • On the flip side we will have Noriko, who will take up the whole side. She affects the lives of everyone in the film, and although not a blood relative, looks after the Mother and Father the most.

On Clare’s blog  you can find her works in progress for the artefact, as she put together the whole front side of the fan. I don’t think anyone can explain it better than her! Throughout the process, we tried to get work from the rest of the team to add in, but they seemed to be certain that it would work better if we kept the style constant and did it ourselves. We both put so much time and effort in and I think the final piece is beautiful! I helped with art directing and also drew the portraits of the parents. I designed the flip side, which had to be done rather quickly unfortunately, but I am still really happy with the depth of meaning in the final thing.

-pics of mother and father development

-pics of noriko side

-pics of my version of the fan

-pics of the handle and research

-pics of the final thing



Artefact Idea One-The Fan

Used as a continuous beat throughout the film, the fan represents the steady pace of life with a companion.

The Idea-

Clare and I have discussed loads of ideas for our artefact, including a Dolls House Set-with its own short film, Russian Dolls of the family etc… however the one idea that really stood out to us both was to use the imagery of fans.

Our idea is to create a multi media set of fans, that come together as one-representing the family unit. Each would be unique to the individual, and they would be placed in order of closeness to the parents. Some may be connected by threads to show a close knit bond, while others are turned away from the middle, representing neglect. The great thing about multimedia is that we could each make a couple of fans in our own style, but they would all come together to make an interesting and cohesive piece.

Below I have included a pinterest board showing some work that has inspired me. I hope to draw up some concept sketches and include them in the next post, where I can explain their link to these photos! I can’t wait to get working with my hands again, possibly including paper cutting, embroidery and ink work.