Imaging and Data Visualisation-Reflection

This module has been a massive learning curve, and has been extremely enjoyable. The Floating City project was a daunting task at first (and throughout) but I would happily say that if given the same task again now, I would feel quite comfortable with it. Mostly this is through learning by doing, and making many, many mistakes. But it’s better to make these mistakes now and learn!

Starting the project, I was new to modelling, didn’t have the foggiest how to render and only knew a little about editing. Now, following the tutorials given by Alec, I would feel comfortable to tackle all of these areas myself. I think the New Narratives module works really well with this one in creating a solid knowledge of workflow, which to me is one of the most important things to master. I particularly appreciated the class on how to keep a tidy Maya workspace and how to send the files in the best way to team members-if not for this class, I am sure the floating city project would have ended up even further from finished!

In reflection, I wish I had had more time to play about with the various rigs that are provided each week by Alec. With all the other projects on such a tight time schedule, I only got to use them for the short class each week before getting on with the rest of the work. In saying that, each class provided me with so much knowledge that I was able to use in our 15 Second Animation (creating lattice rigs, blend shapes, the 12 Principles). I would love to go back and look over my notes on how to create and animate arm rigs using the method of overlapping motion and work on that over summer. My teams animation didn’t require arms, so it would be fun to work with something completely new and expand my knowledge further for next year!

The head topology task is definitely a tough one, and one I honestly felt very unprepared for. Apart from being show some sculpting tools in Maya, I had never seen any of the techniques, tools or menus being used before. I am still struggling to get my head around the retopology part of the task, but hopefully with time, I’ll get there!

Even if I don’t manage to complete the retopology in time, I hope to figure it all out over summer so I can come back knowing what to do!


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