The Final Two Animations!

The First Draft

Things we knew about-

  1. Lid bounce had managed to go out of sync/stopped completely in places.
  2. Quality had to be reduced to 720 to get it rendered in time-This will be changed
  3. Lights and camera settings were grainy and noisy
  4. Sounds were a little off, had to be done very quickly before the deadline-We want richer sounds with a LOT less bass.
  5. Some of our camera angles don’t make you feel like part of the action.


  1. Could change the shape of the bouncer (big shoulders)-Tried before…looks a bit off.18387233_10211579704624808_257523284_n
  2. Lighting needs altered-White Light between colours- Altered by adding Fog and a ‘Moonlight’ spotlight. Box lights now only 2 area lights.
  3. Lid bounce out of sync-Was already being changed
  4. Rope Barriers outside club?- No space for the action to take place…also for realities sake, where would they have found a perfectly proportioned rope barrier? Barbie set?18405634_1535857119779002_800999767_o
  5. Include Fog/Glass Box?- DONE
  6. Timing and camera Issues-RESOLVED…we hope.

The Final Edit 




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