Modelling the Slums

I began the process by modelling a bike to add into our scenes, after I read that bikes are the main for of transport in the slums of Rio.

I am really happy with the end result of the bike, as it had proved a bit more tricky than expected. I found a nice leather texture for the seat of the bike, which I think added a nice touch of detail. If I had more time, I would have liked to model the tyre treads a bit, as at the moment they are just plain…and I would also like to add the chain.


I then moved on to modelling other little details that could be scattered around the slum, slowing the peoples use of castaways and rubbish. I wanted to create fewer items, but each one being well modelled with a bit more detail than if I tried to create loads of items. I am particularly happy with the bucket, having used the curves tool to create the handle-something I hadn’t done before. I also learnt how to bend the planks of the bucket round in a circle from a straight line.

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Next I modelled a simple slum house, fit with canopy, curtains, drains, bin bags, clutter, and metal sign cladding. I also played about with UV mapping of the roof and planks to create a nice texture.

Our plan was to build as many buildings as possible into a rocky cliff face, so having loads of simple buildings that are customisable was really handy. Therefore I also created a collection of simple filler houses that can be stacked and textured.


Finally, we had to create Christ the Redeemer to sit atop our mountain. I modelled the body, while Yazz cracked on with his head.





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