Schematic Design


Above is the first stage of the schematic diagram. I thought adding the lines in the background added a nice depth to the piece, as well as serving their purpose. The top of each line will be filled with a character icon and begins where the character enters the story, creating an interesting pattern. Beata had shown me the image below from a Japanese patterns book ‘……’ , which I then used to create the look. I wanted add the ‘droplet’ effect, however it kind of took away from the ‘train track’ look that we were going for.



Above is the finished schematic (to be updated). The character icons were supplied by Beata and I think they work really well! I chose to add a little pop of colour around each character for some added texture. On each line, the dashes represent when each character is present in a scene, and it is so clear to see the state of the family relationships, and how the family comes together around the death of their Mother, only to separate once more. We also thought the dashes made the design look like stitches, showing how the family is woven together (and also a nod to the hessian background at the beginning of the film).


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