Character Icons

Next up, I decided to have a crack at some character icons for the schematic. I wanted to keep them simple and readable, and also easily identifiable  (as many characters in the film look rather similar). I thought that creating our own icons would be a nice addition to the final piece instead of using photographs like Phil Campbell-especially because we were going for such a minimalist style.

Below are my first experiments with the character of Noriko. I liked the idea of using the Japanese flag as influence-using the red dot as the background. The black symbol is called ‘Enso‘ and is a Japanese (or Zen Buddhist) mark made of one or two uninhibited brush strokes to represent  enlightenment, strength and elegance. It symbolises the moment that the body is free to create and move on-something that is extremely important in Noriko’s story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the end, this design wasn’t used, but I was really happy with the thought and time put into it. I feel like I am getting much better at digital work! I just wish I had enough time to do one for each of the characters, but with limited time, I had to hand the job to Beata, who created some lovely inky representations of the characters for the schematic.


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