Inspiration-Matter Fisher

Leanna showed us this brilliant short film, ‘Matter Fisher’ which has an atmosphere very similar to what we would like to create in our storyboards. The black and white painterly look evokes a high sense of emotion, while the simple soundtrack amplifies loneliness and isolation. I also love the movement of the pencil lines, showing a life in motion; progressing and diversifying.

That got me thinking…All day I had been pondering about how we could include a ‘WHY‘ into our story. Why are we telling this story? Why does it have to be told?

While you can have beautiful character design and wonderful artwork, a story without a ‘why’ will never appeal to the audience.


I began by thinking that our Riddle Man character could be shown in pastel colours. This would juxtapose dull, monotonous life and amplify his feeling of standing out in the crowd, of isolation. But also of his unknown positivity. His mission is to talk to people, to tell them riddles…and as he does, he ‘awakens’ them. While only doing what he has to do, he draws people away from their phones and out of their ‘zombie’ state. As he does so, his ‘colour’ seeps into them, and not only do they feel better, he feels less and less isolated and unusual.


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