The Initial Schematic


Yesterday Clare McKinney, Beata and myself put together our first version of the Schematic. I have to say I was worried about how long it might take, but with great teamwork it was done in no time!

Although it may change for our final version, our Schematic is laid out with the events in chronological order down the side of the board and the characters noted along the top. The solid lines show that the character was present in the next scene, whereas the dashed one represents their absence from the next scene.

We all found making the schematic to be really interesting, as it perfectly shows the parents ostracisation from the rest of the family. Throughout the story, it is their widowed daughter-in-law, Noriko, who looks out for and supports the couple; while the area dedicated to their most closely related family is empty. It all feels very isolated. This all changes upon the death of Tomi, and it has a sobering effect. At this time, the family appears as a tightly knit unit, exactly what the parents wanted on their visit to Tokyo. Nevertheless, the family leave straight after the funeral for ‘a baseball game’, once again leaving the father alone with his youngest daughter and Noriko.

A family tree is how we intend our schematic, representing the importance of family and generations in Japanese culture, however this could change as our ideas progress. I’m really excited to see how it turns out!




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