Semester Two-Some Doodles

I thought I would get some practice drawing faces quickly from reference, and I was pretty happy with the results. I particularly like the second drawing for its more confident lines and shadow. If I have time I might add some more colour and shadow, but for now the line art will do! Each took about 20 minutes.fullsizeoutput_fa9fullsizeoutput_faaI have been experimenting with a style used by Lucinda Rogers, using a combination of thick and thin lines to portray weight an depth. I hope once I’m more confident with it, it will help me in life drawing to capture form more easily. I think it worked really well in the nose of the afro girl, and gives it a nice depth against the face. Unfortunately, my own style is quite tentative, and I would like it to look more instinctive like Lucinda Rogers’ work. I think I just need to be less afraid to fail, and more open to trying new materials. Shall I crack out the markers? (2017). Lucinda Rogers – New York – 14th Street subway booth. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Feb. 2017].


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