Artefact Idea One-The Fan

Used as a continuous beat throughout the film, the fan represents the steady pace of life with a companion.

The Idea-

Clare and I have discussed loads of ideas for our artefact, including a Dolls House Set-with its own short film, Russian Dolls of the family etc… however the one idea that really stood out to us both was to use the imagery of fans.

Our idea is to create a multi media set of fans, that come together as one-representing the family unit. Each would be unique to the individual, and they would be placed in order of closeness to the parents. Some may be connected by threads to show a close knit bond, while others are turned away from the middle, representing neglect. The great thing about multimedia is that we could each make a couple of fans in our own style, but they would all come together to make an interesting and cohesive piece.

Below I have included a pinterest board showing some work that has inspired me. I hope to draw up some concept sketches and include them in the next post, where I can explain their link to these photos! I can’t wait to get working with my hands again, possibly including paper cutting, embroidery and ink work.


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