Floating City-Census Research

For this weeks homework, we have been asked to collect the information that will play alongside our short animation of the floating city. Originally, we were given good old Belfast to work with, but what’s life without a little diversity? My group have chosen Venice as our city in the sky. We thought the bridges, water, boats and bustling tourist industry could make for a more interesting and challenging project…Not to mention…It’s just bloody lovely.

Below are some images that really inspired me to pick Venice as our location.

David Howell-I love the structure in this image, and thought the reflections and lights would be lovely to replicate in maya.
Joel Zakrisson-This 3D design, with its intricate details and beautiful lighting really displays what we can aim to achieve with our floating Venice.
Jean B Martin-Beautiful colours.

Some Basic Info-

Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Province: Venice
City: Venice
Coordinates: 45:26:15N 12:20:09E
Altitude: 0m / 0ft
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Language: Italian
Time zone: Central European Time (CET)
  • The official resident population of Venice is distributed in a ratio of approximately 22:8:70 between the historic city, the islands, and the mainland.
  • Population of Venice decreased from over 120,000 to 60,000 in the last 50 years.
  • Venice is more than 1500 years old. It dates back to the mid 400.
  • The first woman in the world that graduated was born in Venice in 1646
  • Venice is by now reliant on the trampling feet of 20 million visitors a year.
  • There are 417 bridges in Venice and 72 of those are private.There are 3 major bridges across the Grand Canal – Accademia, Rialto and Scalzi. There is a fourth one, just a few years old. What is interesting about that one is that it already begins to show signs of decay, unlike the centuries old ones.
  • There are about 350 gondolas and 400 gondolieri in the city of Venice.Acqua alta, or higher water, happens when tide is 9 cm above normal height. It mostly happens as a result of an interaction between Sirocco and tides (Sirocco is a warm wind blowing from north Africa)
  • There are 177 canals in Venice.
  • There are over 170 buildings that make the line of the Grand Canal.
  • Venice is sinking at the rate of 1-2 millimeters a year.
  • There are 118 islands, 416 bridges, 177 canals and 127 squares in Venice.
  • The Venice lagoon is 15 meters deep at its deepest point.
  • Some experts say that Venice could be a ghost town by 2030. It would be populated only by tourists that would come at the morning and leave in the evening, something like people do in a theme park.


  1. My team would really like to play on the ghost city idea, and present Venice as a theme park that is slowly sinking. 
  2. Simply focus on the architecture of the bridges in Venice, connecting them together in a maze, kind of like the moving stairs in Harry Potter! 
  3. Animate the sinking of Venice…is it inhabited by fish/sealife?

Edit:A little more research!

While searching about for inspiration, I came across this fab piece by Jeremy Vansnick om Sketchfab. It shows how you can achieve so much in such a small space and I love his use of texture and colour. Maybe we can get somewhere close to this!

More and more as a team we are realising that it is the little details that really make a piece work. Like in this example, we want to make good use of as much clutter as possible, adding an air of realism to our piece. Something I distinctly remember about Venice, and Italy on the whole, is the washing lines hanging everywhere, which is something we are very keen to include.





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