Digital Artists

For our first lesson in image and data visualisation, Alec went over everything we would be covering in the module. I am so excited to get stuck in and get learning! The floating city project sounds especially interesting, and I think that this weeks homework will really help in getting inspired. Our first task-To Research 3D Digital Artists that inspire us.


Everett GuntherHis main ‘focus is modeling and texturing realistic environments and props for games’ though he also has ‘experience with characters, effects and lighting’ allowing him to act as more of a 3D generalist if that’s what a team requires.

His showreel is stunning. I love the atmosphere that is created in his work…you can almost smell the air and you know what temperature it is in each scene. The textures give his scenes an almost photorealistic effect; while the lighting used creates a magical, fantasy atmosphere. Although I would normally sway towards more of an illustrative, stylised way of working, I am find myself loving his realistic approach.

YouTube. (2017). Everett Gunther – Winter 2014 Environment Art Video Reel. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2017].


While searching for character work, it really got to me that almost every artist was male…and almost every female model or character is a ridiculous, overly sexualised caricature of real life. Finding a character who was empowering for women was practically impossible. I mean, when was the last time you wore 6″ heels to battle? Do you use a vacuum packing device to get into that leather jumpsuit or what? Time and a place guys. Time and a place.

Im looking for an ‘Ellen Ripley’ in what has become a very delusional world.


I wanted to do a little research into the character of Ripley, and how the actress, Sigourney Weaver, felt about playing her. I loved what I found. This is an excerpt from an interview on

Weaver continued to express her gratitude “to have a role where I could get the job done without being in a skimpy little costume.” She later explained that Cameron “loves women, he loves women as they are. the whole gorgeous natural woman, and he has such a great record of creating these amazing parts. For me I would’ve never wanted to go there. I don’t want to horrify the audience. I’m sure I wore little makeup. It has to be real and you wouldn’t be thinking about any of those things.” She added, “None of [the directors she’s worked with] would ever say, ‘That would be more attractive if you did it this way,’ or something. No one has ever said that to me, and I don’t think I’d take it well.”

This in itself is a push to succeed in what I do, and to try to provide what cannot be found at the minute.

1.6th-Rant over, I went on to find these awesome dolls made by 1-6th (I can’t find his real name anywhere!) Although they are not digital art, I think the detail involved is very similar to what I aim to one day be able to do in Maya. The costumes have texture and age, and every little detail is meticulously thought out. And the plus, they look like REAL PEOPLE…most of the time…Put simply, I want one!

Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2017].

Julien KasparI’m not sure yet if I really like all of Kaspar’s work, it’s a little colourful at times. However I love, love, love this model in particular. The weight and form of the model is great. I think the the heaviness of the models hair contrasted with how detailed and fine her eyebrows, lashes and glasses are is really effective.


ArtStation. (2017). SculptJanuary 17 – Day 03: Woman Portrait, Julien Kaspar. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2017]


ArtStation. (2017). SculptJanuary 17 – Day 03: Woman Portrait, Julien Kaspar. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Feb. 2017]

The piece above has also shown me something new that I wasn’t fully aware of. I was surprised to find that this image is actually a 3D model(you can rotate it on Kaspar’s site). This is a style I am very interested to look into more, as it looks more like a moving illustration than 3D Animation, and I think it would suit my style quite well.


Moving to something a little bit more serious and realistic, I came across the fabulous work of Waldemar Bartkowiak, who is highly skilled in character design work. I love the level of detail in each of his models, adding so much depth of character and interest.

^pinterest-Waldemar Bartkowiak



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