Module One Reflection

3.1.17- Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this first module of the course. Each class leaves me feeling inspired to work and progress, despite how new and scary a lot of it really is. The little side tangents from Mike and Conánn often became the best and most inspiring  parts of class.  One of the main reasons that I joined the course was so that I could use my imagination more, which has been something I have really enjoyed about the ‘Build A World’ project. The concept and design work is something I really enjoy, and I have found it really interesting to see how different people view the same theme. I only wish I had the chance to work on a wider variety of worlds, as I only got to be part of two over the whole module.

I have loved working with others, even when it’s tough. The moments where a team feels weak seem just as important in the creative process as those moments of brilliance and unity. The realness of it feels important for future jobs etc. The process of bouncing ideas off each other and mixing peoples strengths and weaknesses has been really enjoyable. I am now beginning to see my teammates not only as friends, but also as tools for learning and progressing. The presentation at the end of each week has really helped with my confidence talking in front of people, which is an area I used to find pretty stressful.

Digital painting and Maya are still something I have to work on a lot, as is getting more work done in a short space of time. Despite this, I do see a good improvement since the beginning of term, so I must be getting the hang of it! I also now see the importance of getting and keeping a good sketchbook from the beginning of term, as I think it would have helped with my creative range and ideation to have everything all in one place. In general, I am happy with how I have gelled with everyone, my improvements in speaking in front of people and my enthusiasm with each week of work. A little more focus and a lot more practice should have me in good stead for next term! I aim to sketch more and hopefully create more finished pieces.


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