Life Drawing-Week8

9.12.16- Practice makes..better!

This week I started with a little bit of practice before life drawing began. Over the weekend I took a whole day to study and practice drawing poses. Having gone through the reading material given to us by Mike already, I took to watching some helpful youtube tutorials, as well as simply studying some lovely life drawings on pinterest. I found that I was most attracted to the drawings with few lines, and with over exaggerated pinching and stretching on the waist.

Being from an illustrative background, I often find it hard to draw things as I really see them, as I can’t help but want to stylise and create a piece of art. I have to figure out how to incorporate my love for art and illustration into what is a very practical exercise for learning.

I have learnt one thing at least. It is very fun to draw people with heavy bottom halves.

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I think this practice helped me to feel a lot more confident this week, and I think you can see an improvement. Shown in chronological order.

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Hats on heads….oh dear.

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