(written week 7)

Recently I feel like I am lagging behind with life drawing. Either that or compared to others in the class, I am maybe not progressing as much. The thought of this makes me nervous to go to life drawing and to see what everyone else can do, which I think has had an effect on my work over the last few weeks. Despite this, I am pushing really hard to get better, and hopefully it will just click at some point!

Drawing dirk in week four was tricky, but a really enjoyable exercise. I love getting into the mind of a character and imagining what they might be doing in each specific pose. Looking back I could have used this skill better by maybe adding facial expressions and by not being scared of cartoonising each pose.

Thinking back to the first week, I think I was far less worried about the final outcome, which actually led to my drawings feeling more finalised and artistic, as opposed to a collection of sausages and spheres connected by a line of action. Looking at this video by proko, I was reminded of the way that I used to draw. In the next few weeks I might try reverting to this as an experiment. Here, you can see that he has an understanding of the basic structures, but doesn’t heavily draw them in. Instead he uses lovely lines to create flowing pieces of work.



My drawings from week 5-

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