After breaking down the shots between the group, we each got to work drawing up our own backgrounds and characters. On reflection, working this way lead to some confusion between linking shots, as well as a lack of flow in the piece as each person was working with a different scale in mind. We had an awkward task, as two of our group members didn’t have access to a computer to do digital work, meaning their shots had to be drawn out by  hand and then converted to digital. Considering this, I think we did quite well in the end!

I had the first five shots in the sequence…no pressure! To begin, I sketched up what I thought the landscape would look like in our world, and worked digitally and in colour to try and push myself. I think the final effect is really nice, although I am still getting used to appreciating my digital work, as I’m obviously still learning and it looks nothing like what I can create by hand. Far quicker though! This shot was created to be the opening pan of the landscape, in which we follow a bug or fly along towards the cat character. In the end it had to be changed into greyscale to match the rest, as we ran out of time, but I’m still glad I did it.


I am really pleased with the colour palette, and with the smaller details in the Tiki God and the water on the rocks. To make it better I think I just need to work on my shadows and highlights. With the help from lots of online tutorials, I feel like I am slowly getting better! Slowly…

The next four shots of our cat bug character^

Our team worked really well together, and a massive thanks goes to Ryan for sitting up and animating the whole thing. I would have loved to help, as I enjoy editing and working with timing, but I knew how to work with after effects, while Ryan knew how to use a different program, so it seemed to make more sense to have one person do it. Instead I sourced some sound effects to add in.

So here is the final piece!

Conánn pointed out a few problems such as scale, confusing sound effects and over ambitious camera angles, which we can all see need fixed now. With a little extra time I am sure we can get it looking slick!



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