Winnie the Pooh-Catch Up

8.11.16-After missing this week of life drawing, I had been waiting for the free time to get this homework done. I really enjoyed drawing from the reference sheets, which have given me a really good insight into good character design. In particular, I love the sheet that shows the character of Pooh through poses and interactions, and hope to incorporate that into my future character design work.

As loveable as he is, Pooh is a pretty tricky bear to get just right. I found his nose to be the most frustrating part, as there is a fine line between too round and too angular. But by the end of drawing, I had managed to get it nearly right and the drawings had progressed dynamically as well as in likeness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From this homework I have decided to use greater exaggeration in my work, and to try to show more movement and emotion in my placement of lines. For example, I found that moving his eyebrows just a little higher than I would normally place them gave a lovely effect, and well as other things, like squishing his face and rounding his belly.


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