Life Drawing-Week Three-The CHAIR.

This week was all about perspective drawing, which is tricky to say the least. By the time I had drawn the chair, the pose had often changed and it was time to start over again. It’s funny how you forget how to do things when you’re under pressure sometimes…I mean…what even is a cube?

Mike as always had lots of helpful tips. At the beginning I felt like I was doing really well, but soon realised that I had been drawing the model and forgetting the chair, which was the whole point. Once the chair was introduced, things went a little askew. Mike explained that drawing the chair first is essential, and gives you guidelines as to where to place body parts in space. That’s if you get the chair right. Which 99% of the time…I didn’t. Oops. Practice needed.

But I tried! I was particularly pleased with my final drawing of the model sitting on the chair. We had ten minutes or so for this drawing, which was a big help, although I was finished in around 5. We also drew the chair before our time started which was very helpful. The only mistake that I made was continuing to draw when I was really finished. I finished early and added more as I saw that everyone else was still drawing- which in my opinion, kind of took away from the drawing. Some smudges made me loose nice contours in the knees and such. But hey.

Here are a few of my more successful attempts for this week.

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The homework for this week was to draw 6 spheres with different light sources. I actually really enjoyed this homework, although it did take me quite a long time to do. I really like the dark blue watercolour example, as well as the first few smaller spheres. They get more difficult the bigger you make them! I used some videos from youtube to improve my drawings and think I made a massive improvement because of them. You can find these videos in the research section of the Life Drawing tab.

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