9.11.16- For my plant world project, I gave digital drawing a go, and was fairly happy with the end result. Although I would have liked to have done more. As always, you think that after watching a few online tutorials that you will be able to paint just like them. Eeh no. I found that making an object look 3d is quite difficult for me when I paint digitally, whereas when I paint traditionally, it isn’t always such a struggle. I also work with a lot of detail when I draw, which can be time consuming to add in digitally. But here it is!


After chatting with Conánn, I have realised a few faults which need fixing. Hopefully things that now I will be able to spot and get rid of myself. He is not a fan of X’s within drawings, and thought that my rider character should be arced a little more forwards, in a position of control. Initially the idea had been that the purple creature was rearing up, and so the rider had lost control, but I now see that it creates an unappealing line of action in the drawing. Otherwise, I am happy with it! If i had more time on this project, I might add some nice textures to the purple creature to avoid the flat look, and would like to add in more shadows and highlights. I would also place it in an environment, or a simple background.

At this stage, it is quite daunting how good a lot of people in the class are. Many paint digitally with ease and it looks awesome, meanwhile it takes me an age to figure out how to do something relatively mediocre. Hopefully with a lot of practice I will get there soon! From tutorials I think that I just have to be more confident with my work, and produce more of it! I like to do my research first, but for a while I think I’ll try to just dive in. Also…buy a bloody sketchbook! My work is on a million different pages and looks far less awesome than a busy lovely sketchbook.


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