8.11.16-Colour Week Feedback

8.11.16- Loaded with the cold, fever, dizzy. In class. Presenting. I didn’t exactly have my hopes up.

BUT! My team came together wonderfully in the end, and everyone had a little something to show and talk about. Worries about the world aside, we had begun to work better as a team-organising a theme, a colour palette that we all liked, and a general aesthetic based on some reference images that we had found online. It is easy to start panicking about not having as much work done as you normally would, but when you are working with completely new ideas and tools, I think it’s allowed. We settled on an oriental kind of theme, using rich jewel tones to create a fantasy looking world. We wanted to steer clear of traditional earth tones of brown and green, and replace them with deep navy blues, vibrant pinks and soft sunset tones of ochre and burnt orange.

Based on the last groups sketches, we had drawn up some of our own takes on the creatures, adding colour and playing with warm and cool tones. We had also used this image as a reference to create some landscape concept art.

Artist unknown, found on pinterest.

We all loved the scale in this picture, and the organic feel to the land. We had also talked about having pillars of nutshell material holding up the exterior shell, which this picture represented pretty accurately.

Beata had her beautiful, fine art styled paintings to show. She has an awesome understanding of colour. And…well…everything she does is just looovely.

Ryan had used his digital skills masterfully to create some landscapes based on our groups imagined ideas-making use of other photographs as colour references (stealing that idea).

Claire had her little thumbnail sketches, which each gave a little look into the ideas that the group had.

And I had my more illustrated style drawings, trying to capture some character while including a little bit of colour and tonality.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^few more to be added!

I’m seeing this colour week as a continuous project, and will of course keep working on my colour and tonal skills as the course progresses. Lets hope the digital paintings get at least a little better…





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