1.11.16-Getting Somewhere!

1.11.16- After a week of feeling very daunted by colour and tones, and basically anything to do with concept sketches, I was finally able to get back into the swing of things by just going for it. These are by no means my best work, or even what I think is needed…but they are a start! I have included little bits of tonality as well as colour as I missed that week.

As a group we decided to try completing an A3 page of thumbnails each for Friday, and to push past the confusion to just create something worthwhile. Far more colour work to come…I’m being a little cautions at the moment…probably time to crack out the coloured pencils and go nuts. Work in progress I guess!

dsc_0713Little flower warrior riding on a bark creature. Could be the workers/open the nutshell? dsc_0714My take on one the last groups plant people designs. A little more lively and curious. Perhaps not so intelligent? dsc_0716dsc_0717dsc_0718Unfinished^

We were all talking yesterday about themes and colours we would like to work with…and have pretty much decided on a kind of oriental looking landscape, same as before with the pillars etc but with more little elements to that as well, i.e. water, caves, cliffs. We like the idea of a burnt orange/amber and navy tones with little hints of pink and red.

We were also trying to give our people a little bit of culture to make them more meaningful. I think we should forget about the physics of it all and how it opens/closes and just focus on creating little snapshots of what looks like a nice landscape for these people to live in.  Plus giving each of our own twists on the characters.
For example I had the idea that maybe the people have festivals to celebrate the sun coming back around…kind of like Christmas or Easter…They could decorate and have feasts etc…just little things to help build character and story! 

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