27.10.16-First life drawing lesson

27.10.16- ‘Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.’

Today I embarked upon my first life drawing lesson with our tutor, Michael Bass.

Unfortunately I had to miss the offial first week in the studio, and was nervous that I would lag behind the others in class. It’s not everyday that a random stranger strips off in from of you and you are expected not to giggle. After the initial shock, and the rather hilarious united act of everyone suddenly ‘looking’ for that lost bit of conté, or ‘clipping pages’, or ‘warming up their chalks’ to avoid the red cheeks and giggles, it was time to start.

Despite the frantic and tiring nature of life drawing, I really enjoyed the class, and learnt a lot from the little hints and tips that Mike gave me as he walked around. At this stage I am not confident with my life drawing skills; my people seem lanky, lacking in perspective and depth, and aren’t grounded. But with a few alterations to the way I draw, hopefully ‘it will come’, to quote Mike. Thank’s for having faith. I wouldn’t.

From the class I have decided to do some research a few methods to getting a rough figure down on paper quickly, as time was an issue for me. I already knew about line of action, and on an ‘outline’ basis, had thought I would be pretty good. This was not the case. Mike explained to me that starting at the top and working down with an outer line was too time consuming, as well as being a difficult method to capture anatomy and movement. Remember to block in the feet. Draw a line of action. Ribcage. Navel. Nipples. Slant of shoulders opposes hips. Don’t always start with the face.

In the simple hope that I will improve, here are a few of my more successful attempts of the day. Elements of each of these are good, and elements of each are very bad. But hey, I started.



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