24.10.16- Oh Dear.

Following a pretty tough and disastrous week for myself and the team, we are all back and working hard to create something lovely for colour week. This week we have the addition of Ryan, and I am back in the country to help out as much as I can. I think last week we all got too involved in research, and in trying to work out the logics of the world, and so didn’t have enough time to actually draw up our plans.

We were finding our new world very difficult to understand, and due to that were just lacking in motivation…I now feel that if we had just dived into creating some kind of landscape, perhaps a story would have emerged with time. This whole process is about learning and exploring new things, and we had all got too caught up in imagining a perfectly logical world that not much real work was done. The frustrating thing is that using your imagination and constantly thinking about something can be exhausting, and can also take forever. So we all came out of the process a little dejected and wilted.

Nevertheless, we are back, and hopefully with a vengeance. Let’s see…



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