04.10.16-Groups and Ideas

04.10.16- Today we were given our first brief of the year- ‘Build A World’. This brief is both exciting and terrifying due to its massive range of possibilities and interpretations. Seemingly, the easiest thing to do is to start off with a the simple definition- ‘What is a world?’ …good luck finding a concise answer to that one. A world can vary to almost anything, from a new planet to a civilisation to an ecosystem. To me, a world is the perceivable home of whatever inhabits it…yeah…that’s what I’ll go for.

We were assigned to our first groups on Tuesday afternoon, and were informed that our groups would be changing every week. Although daunting, in a class full of new people to meet and get to know, I think that group work is a great way to break the ice, and am excited to see how it goes! I am currently in a group with Caitlin, Glenn and Leon. As it is only the first week, we have been thinking up and combining all of our ideas for our little imaginary world. Got to start somewhere!

Focusing on the idea of a world being a home, we began to think about the various shapes, sizes, climates and timelines that our world could have. So, 76,542,999 ideas later, after doing group brainstorms and searching through the internet for some good inspiration, we set the task for each of us to complete five concept sketches of our favourite ideas for Sunday.

dsc_0323At this stage it seemed that all of the groups are coming up with very similar ideas, so we were trying to push ourselves to make it as original as possible-resulting in ideas such as:

‘World inside a Burrito’ -(No I still haven’t been to Boojum. Sorry.) Pretty self explanatory.

‘Contact Lens World’– In which all is dark until the sky(foil) is peeled away. The world is filled with light, and a giant eyeball appears in the sky, which the inhabitants name God. Natural Disasters include tsunamis of salty saline’ every night.

‘Bermuda Triangle’– Either a space version, or a new world forming under the surface of the ocean, formed of all the things that go missing in the area. Possibility of a giant octopus/squid monster with a thirst for collectables, with minions to do his work. Or possibly powering himself and his new planet from parts he steals. Inspired by our original idea of ‘space rubbish’, we looked at loads of dystopian looking artwork, including some animation from films such as ‘Elysium’ and ‘Mad Max’.

Planet made of ship and plane parts
Sea Creatures
Ooh la la
Giant Mechanical Creature built by tiny harmless one to scare predators away…could be the exterior of the planet?

‘Magpie’s Hoard’– Similar to the Bermuda idea…The accumulation of shiny and expensive things stolen by Magpies, all held within a planet of ruins. They bargain with space pirates for resources to keep their way of life and their planet alive. Could be surrounded my floating rocks and rookeries covered in plants and trees.




‘Line of Sight World’– A world where things only exist within each inhabitants own line of sight. As the person looks away, what used to be there disappears and reforms into something new.

‘Tunnels/Caves within the cross section of…’ – Looking into the microscopic world, we thought about creating worlds within cross sections of trees, bacterial cells, the brain, shells etc. We could create a cave world, lit by fireflies in jars, with caverns of water and endless twists and turns. Homes could hang from the ceiling in a bee hive fashion? The creatures could have huge eyes, adapted to living in the dark, with flexible bodies for shrinking though tunnels and cracks…possibly adaptable to underwater life as they have to pass through water?

Bacteria and Mould Growing in Petri Dishes-Beautiful Patterns and Shapes
Shell Cross-section
Bacterial Cells-WITH FACES


‘World on a Balance’– A world split into two parts, each on different ends of a set of old scales. Both must be kept in peace and balance, with people travelling equally, or else the scales will unsettle and destruction will ensue.


Goblin Town from Peter Jackson’s: The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey. (2012). [film].


Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker -Illuminated paper-cut light boxes.

I love working with light, and loved the way it was used in the Goblin Town from the Hobbit: An unexpected Journey. This natural ambient light, along with the cavernous setting, would be perfect to incorporate into the Magpie and Tunnel ideas! Hari and Deepti’s paper cut dioramas have amazed and inspired me for a long time. When confronted with the theme, we all panicked at the thought of creating and imagining an original new world. However with the inspiration of culture, legend and myth, this paper cutting couple seems to come up with a brand new world in each of their works with ease! I love the harsh shapes paired with soft light.




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