04.10.16-Notetaking Genius

04.10.16 – Time to break in the shiny new notebooks! We began the year by learning a few good sketchbook/notebook techniques and guidelines to keep our work in order throughout the coming months. We looked at ‘BulletJournalling’ in particular. I will definitely be taking on elements of this in my own sketchbooks, but at the moment still prefer to keep my main bulk of notes and sketches in separate places.

Bullet Journal. (2016). Bullet Journal. [online] Available at: http://bulletjournal.com [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016].

I really loved seeing the way Jason Fried uses a mixture of visuals, typography and hierarchy to take his notes  in a more stimulating way. He says that he uses a ‘popcorn note taking’ method, in which he takes small memorable sections of what the person is saying, and notes them down to jog his memory, as opposed to copying down everything. He also has book out which I am very excited to learn more about, called ‘Rework’.


Fried, J. and Hansson, D. (2010). Rework. New York: Crown Business.



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